Download the Department of New York 21-22 All-State Minimum Requirements

State Commanders Membership Program


Post Minimum Requirements:

1.   Must report 100% Membership overthe *September 2021 National Membership Report, plus two (2) New or Reinstated Members as of May 3, 2022(As recorded at Department Headquarters and compared  to the September 2021 National Membership Report).

Example of Membership Total: If a post were 100 members on June 30, 2022, to receive the All-State Award in 2022 they must have a membership of 102 members.

2.   Community Activity Reports for May 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021 and November 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022 must be received at Department Headquarters prior to May 3, 2022.

3.   Inspected prior to April 30, 2022 and the 2021-22 Inspection Report received, approved by the Department prior to May 3, 2022

4.   Post Quartermaster must be trained at a District or Department OTI prior to May 3, 2022.

5.   The first 3 quarters Trustees Reports in Department prior to May 3, 2022.

6.   Each Post must meet the minimum points required for All-State Awards (see below).


1.       750 Points for attaining 100% membership

2.      1000 Points for each New Annual Member over 100% in membership

3.      800 Points for each New Life Member

4.      900 Points for each New or Increase Legacy Life Member.

5.      500 Points for 3 Poppies ordered for each member of the Post from Department of NY.

6.      1000 Points for 5 Poppies ordered for each member of the Post from the Department of NY.

7.      2000 Points for 10 Poppies ordered for each member of the Post from the Department of NY.

8.      500 Points for contributing less than $100 to the State Commander Special Project.*

9.     1500 Points for contributing a $101 to the State Commander Special Project.*

10.    500 Points for each Trustee Reports submitted to Department HQ prior to May 3, 2022

11.     500 Bonus Pointsfor each Trustee Report submitted to Department HQ, within 45 days of    report due date.

12.      500 Points for first Community Service Report submitted to Department HQ or Postmarked by November 15,2021.

13.      500 Bonus Points for second Community Service Report submitted Department HQ or Postmarked by May 3, 2022.

14.      500 Points for a Post Inspection Accepted prior to May 3, 2022

15.   1000 Point for each Post represented/attending Department or District OTI does not include the    Post QM, SO or Trustee.

16.    1000 Points for County or District Inspector attending Department or District OTI. 

17.      1000 Points for Post Service Officer attending Department OTI by a VFW Accredited Department Service Officer by May 3, 2022

18.   1500 Points for the Quartermaster Trained at a District or Dept. OTI By May 3, 2022    (Mandatory) (The Quartermaster must be trained to qualify for All State).

19.    500 Points for submitting a Voice of Democracy nominee to your District

20.    500 Points for submitting a Patriot’s Pen nominee to your District

21.    500 Points for submitting an EMT, Fireman, Policeman nominee to Dept Chairman

22.    200 Points for contributing to the National Home thru the Department

23.    200 Points for contributing to the UNMET Needs Program

24.    200 Points for contributing to the National Military Services (NMS) Program

25.    200 Points for attending a Department OTI


8,000 Total Points minimum required for All-State Award (Awards limited as noted below)

NOTE: The First 75 Posts which have met the reporting requirements for the All-State Award if Received in HQ or Postmarked by May 3, 2022 will receive the All-State Award at the State Convention; however, a Post that has all of their reports completed and turned in by May 3, 2022 still has until June 30, 2022 to meet the 100% Plus Two All-State Award membership requirement. The Post All-State Awards earned by the June 30, 2022 date will be presented at a District Meeting or if requested or at the 2021 Fall State Conference.

Total point accumulations will be used to determine which Post Commanders will receive the All-State Award once the minimum requirements have been met. The total number of All-State Awards shall be limited to THE FIRST 75 and will be allocated to each Membership Division.

If not enough posts qualify in a Division, the State Commander may reallocate the unused awards to other Divisions.  If many more posts qualify, additional Cap Awards will be considered.

100% Life member Post will not qualify if no new members are attained

Post Membership Divisions

 Division           Post All-State Awards         Post Membership